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See Our Small Business Insurance Providers

It’s all too easy to let small business insurance take a backseat when you’re taking on the various responsibilities of entrepreneurship. Like any type of insurance, the hope is that you’ll never need to use it. But taking out insurance for a small business is an important part of your journey, to protect you against the uncertainty and risk that comes with the job. 


With BSC, you can browse our marketplace to find the right small business insurance provider for your needs. As a supplier discovery platform, we match startups with reputable insurance providers. With the right cover, you’ll have the peace of mind that should disaster strike, the support is there to get you back on your feet.

What type of insurance do you need for your small business? 

As a small business owner, you’re only legally required to have one type of small business insurance: employers’ liability insurance. This covers your business should an employee claim they’ve suffered illness or injury while working for you. With employers’ liability insurance, any legal and compensation costs will be taken care of. You must take out this type of insurance - without it, you can be fined £2,500 for every day you’re not insured. Not worth the risk, is it?

But there are several other types of insurance you may consider taking out, which you’ll find in our marketplace. While not a legal requirement, they can help you mitigate risk, keep your business afloat and protect your reputation.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects you and your business should a member of the public make a claim against you. Let’s say a member of your team accidentally damaged a member of the public’s property or caused an accidental injury - without public liability insurance, you could face expensive legal fees and compensation costs. Some clients or suppliers may ask you to have public liability insurance as a condition of working with them, so it may be more important than you think.


It’s easy to think that insurance is a waste of money, but accidents do happen. You’ll be grateful you have your policy to rely on should the unexpected happen and you need some support.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your business offers a professional service or advice, you may want to take out professional indemnity insurance. Your policy will cover you if you make a mistake or a client suffers (or claims to have suffered) a financial loss because of your work. Your insurance will cover the legal or compensation costs, should your client or supplier make a claim. 

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

As a business founder or director, taking out directors’ and officers’ liability insurance could protect you as an individual who has management responsibility. You’ll be covered if any claims are made against you personally. Having a claim made against you is serious, you could receive a fine or in the worst-case scenario, a prison sentence. Directors’ and officers’ liability will cover you for any legal fees or compensation costs. Be sure to compare policies to find an insurer who will cover you for insolvency, as many policies won’t. 

Why is startup insurance important and what does it cover?

Startup insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect new businesses. Your startup insurance policy is likely to address the unique risks and challenges that you may face as a new business owner, to mitigate the risk and liabilities that come with starting a business.

Business insurance for a small business can…

How do you get small business insurance through BSC?

Browse our business marketplace, home to a range of vetted and reliable small business insurance providers, including Beesure and HSJ. To tick all the boxes, you may prefer to choose one of our packages - an all-in-one bundle that meets your insurance needs. You’ll have the reassurance that should the worst happen, you’ll have a helping hand there to put wrong to right.

Business Insurance 

It’s easy to assume that using a price comparison site will get you the best deal on your business insurance, but this isn’t always the case. Not all business insurance providers are listed on those big-name sites, and going directly to the insurer can often get you a better deal. With BSC, you can interact directly with your chosen supplier, negotiate prices and walk away with a policy and price that you’re happy with. 

Small business insurers available via BSC

Here are just some of the small business insurance providers you’ll find in our business marketplace.

Naylor Wright

Small business insurance broker specialising in tailored insurance solutions for small businesses of all types and sizes. 


Sovereign Insurance

Leading insurance provider for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing customised insurance solutions to meet your business needs.

download (1)_edited.png


Beesure provides various financial services and advice, including different types of business insurance. 


Trilogy Money

In partnership with Contis Financial Services, Trilogy Money is known for its customised payment solutions, but also offers Liability Insurance.

  • Who is Business Support Club?
    Business Support Club is a business marketplace, connecting new business owners with other businesses that can guide them with their services and expertise. Our platform connects businesses with suppliers, to build strong relationships. From messaging and referrals to order management and a thorough supplier directory, we’ve got everything you need to make the right choice for your business.
  • How do you use the marketplace?
    Using our business marketplace makes finding the right service a breeze. Simply search for the service you need, or browse through our categories to find the service that meets your needs. Our marketplace is home to a variety of professional services from marketing and finance, to insurance, all with one common goal - to help your business reach its full potential.
  • Why join Business Support Club?
    Whether you’re a business owner or specialise in offering business services, Business Support Club is your go-to solution to build connections. As a supplier, you can find new customers that are seeking your professional services. What’s more, you’re only charged commission when you sell, so if you don’t make a sale, you won’t pay a penny. As a new business, you can find the right services for your needs that can transform your business and grow it to new heights. Perhaps you’re looking for accounting support, or you need some marketing expertise to build your brand. Whatever your circumstances, Business Support Club can match you with an expert you can trust.
  • Who is Business Support Club for?
    Here at BSC, we aim to meet the needs of two types of customers - new businesses looking to grow, and suppliers who cater their services to help new businesses. If you’re a new startup in need of a helping hand to get your business off the ground, we can match you with a cost-effective, reliable supplier that can help you meet your goals. If you’re a specialist who offers business support services, from marketing or blog writing, to finance or business insurance, you can advertise your services on our platform to attract new customers.
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