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Our Business Blog Writing Services

The old adage that content is king on the internet is true for one very simple reason: it brings in traffic. Many potential customers will find your website by searching for products, services or information relevant to them - in other words, content - via search engines like Google.

You may already employ experts in your field - but can any of them write compellingly, clearly communicating the benefits of your business offering to an audience who may never have heard of your company before? Information dumping and jargon are counterproductive but it can take an outsider’s perspective to recognise both and to pitch your content to the right audience: informed or new to the field.

Business copywriting is a carefully honed skill best undertaken by professionals with a demonstrable track record and a solid portfolio - but it can be surprisingly hard to find them.


Let the Business Support Club (BSC) solve this problem for you.


How do I get blog writing services through BSC?

BSC is an innovative networking service, connecting startups and new business owners in need of a particular service with independent suppliers of all kinds. We achieve this via an online directory, where startups in need of fresh expertise can browse our extensive list of service providers. Hundreds of suppliers are already listed, and the number is growing daily.

Connecting you with expert blog writers

The BSC directory brings together independent suppliers, but we don’t list just anyone. The blog writing professionals and companies featured have all been vetted for reliability and quality. We also work with as many to create special deals and price packages for registered users. This ensures that quality and value are both in plentiful supply at BSC. Our customers can even earn money by referring suppliers who have provided good service to other BSC members.

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Why do blog writing services matter?

Professional business bloggers work closely with your firm to ensure they have a full understanding of your startup’s goals, aspirations and resources - and then they’ll get to work. This leaves you free to focus on building a strong and successful company while they build your brand online, developing a strong, commercially valuable internet presence.

Blogs benefit businesses. They matter because Google says they do. Ever since the initial release of a search algorithm update codenamed Panda in 2011, the search giant has prioritised higher-quality content that offers value to readers, while down-ranking clickbait and low-effort material. A professional business blog will provide your startup with this ranking benefit, helping you climb the search engine results pages ahead of less agile competitors. This alone should make a business blog a central component in any 21st-century marketing strategy.

A business blog will also provide your site with a rich store of industry-relevant keywords that will help your startup appear in organic search results whenever potential customers are Googling for solutions you may be able to provide.

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Quality business blog writing can also help your startup become a thought leader within your industry, honing the creative vision at the heart of your startup. It can influence attitudes and approaches across your field. Thoughtful, professional conversations encourage an ongoing, cordial exchange of ideas, and build a reputation for expertise and reliability with both existing and potential customers. Traffic to your site will climb alongside your profits the more successful you become at conveying expertise and authority.


The longer you maintain your blog, the richer and deeper your bank of material will become. Well-written posts that make strong points can have long shelf lives, continuing to draw in traffic and fuel engagement with your brand years after they were first posted. So if you plan to invest in a business blog, think long term. It should be an ongoing project that accompanies your firm on its journey from an exciting startup to a mature and profitable business.

A competently constructed business blog will be social media friendly, allowing you to quickly and easily share any post to your social network of choice, whether that is LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), or Facebook, thereby reaching an even wider spread of potential customers.


Blogging is a manageable expense. You may prefer a retainer arrangement, in which you pay a set monthly fee to your copywriter, or you may be more comfortable with a per-project fee. Some suppliers may choose to focus on one fee arrangement or the other, while others will be happy to offer a flexible approach to suit you. Explore the growing selection of suppliers on the BSC marketplace.

How do you write a good blog post?

When it comes to business, writing blog posts may seem simple, even inevitable, but preparation is important. Key steps include:

A solid understanding of the intended audience: are you writing a business blog for people who may never have encountered your product or service before, or for more informed readers familiar with your field and interested in discussion of the industry as it develops?

A clear and compelling tone: the reader should know exactly which points the author is making and why. Buzzwords, jargon, and empty arguments drive away readers and they’re unlikely to return once they click away. If content is king, so is clarity.

But the very first step in business blogging is keyword research - establishing which search terms attract the most traffic from potential customers on Google or Bing. This is valuable intelligence, revealing the topics and material of interest to people who may be interested in your product or service. Posts can then be constructed around precisely those subjects. Blogs are an investment in the future of your business and must deliver value. To generate a return on that investment it’s important to populate blogs with the kind of material both existing clients and potential new customers might actually want to read.

Blog posts can, for example:
  • Who is Business Support Club?
    Business Support Club is a business marketplace, connecting new business owners with other businesses that can guide them with their services and expertise. Our platform connects businesses with suppliers, to build strong relationships. From messaging and referrals to order management and a thorough supplier directory, we’ve got everything you need to make the right choice for your business.
  • How do you use the marketplace?
    Using our business marketplace makes finding the right service a breeze. Simply search for the service you need, or browse through our categories to find the service that meets your needs. Our marketplace is home to a variety of professional services from marketing and finance, to insurance, all with one common goal - to help your business reach its full potential.
  • Why join Business Support Club?
    Whether you’re a business owner or specialise in offering business services, Business Support Club is your go-to solution to build connections. As a supplier, you can find new customers that are seeking your professional services. What’s more, you’re only charged commission when you sell, so if you don’t make a sale, you won’t pay a penny. As a new business, you can find the right services for your needs that can transform your business and grow it to new heights. Perhaps you’re looking for accounting support, or you need some marketing expertise to build your brand. Whatever your circumstances, Business Support Club can match you with an expert you can trust.
  • Who is Business Support Club for?
    Here at BSC, we aim to meet the needs of two types of customers - new businesses looking to grow, and suppliers who cater their services to help new businesses. If you’re a new startup in need of a helping hand to get your business off the ground, we can match you with a cost-effective, reliable supplier that can help you meet your goals. If you’re a specialist who offers business support services, from marketing or blog writing, to finance or business insurance, you can advertise your services on our platform to attract new customers.
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