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Web Hosting Services for Startups

Giving your business an online presence is crucial. Your business’ website elevates your credibility and is a valuable marketing tool to showcase your products or services. To get your website up and running, you’ll need a web hosting provider. Their job is to provide a server to store your website’s files and make it accessible online. They’ll also supply you with a domain name - with BSC, your domain is only £7.50 for the first year! 


Looking for website hosting services? Our marketplace connects you to a variety of professional web hosting providers to get your business online. You can search through our supplier directory to find a website hosting service that fits your needs.

How do you get web hosting through BSC?

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You can browse our marketplace to find a range of vetted and reliable web hosting providers. Our suppliers may also offer packages - an all-in-one, discounted bundle with everything you need to get your website up and running. We also hold exclusive deals with our suppliers, meaning you’ll get the service you need at a price that fits your budget.

Comparing web hosting packages

When searching for web hosting in the UK, you’ve likely come across endless providers and services which can make it tricky to compare them. Finding a provider you can rely on is crucial - after all, if your customers can’t find you online they’re unlikely to convert offline. 

When comparing web hosting services, it can be helpful to consider the following factors so you know what good service looks like: 

Uptime Guarantees

Make sure you know what your web hosting provider’s uptime guarantee is. This is their promise that they won’t dip below a certain amount of downtime every month. Should your site be down longer than this, they’re likely to offer you an incentive such as a free month’s service. 


Make sure your web hosting provider provides you with an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). An SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection and authenticates your site’s identity. By using encryption algorithms, it prevents hackers from reading your sensitive data. Many web hosting providers will include your SSL certificate for free to keep your website secure.


You’ll need to decide how much bandwidth your business’ website needs. In simple terms, your bandwidth is your site’s ability to handle traffic. The more bandwidth you have to play with, the more visitors your site can handle without crashing! This can significantly impact user experience, so make sure you choose a host that offers enough bandwidth for your needs.


You can think of your domain as your digital business address - it directs people to your site’s location. Many hosting providers will come with a free domain.

Why does your web hosting matter?

You could spend significant money on your impressive, new website but without a stable and reliable hosting package, all your hard work could effectively go to waste.

Here are just some of the reasons why your choice of web hosting matters:

  • Who is Business Support Club?
    Business Support Club is a business marketplace, connecting new business owners with other businesses that can guide them with their services and expertise. Our platform connects businesses with suppliers, to build strong relationships. From messaging and referrals to order management and a thorough supplier directory, we’ve got everything you need to make the right choice for your business.
  • How do you use the marketplace?
    Using our business marketplace makes finding the right service a breeze. Simply search for the service you need, or browse through our categories to find the service that meets your needs. Our marketplace is home to a variety of professional services from marketing and finance, to insurance, all with one common goal - to help your business reach its full potential.
  • Why join Business Support Club?
    Whether you’re a business owner or specialise in offering business services, Business Support Club is your go-to solution to build connections. As a supplier, you can find new customers that are seeking your professional services. What’s more, you’re only charged commission when you sell, so if you don’t make a sale, you won’t pay a penny. As a new business, you can find the right services for your needs that can transform your business and grow it to new heights. Perhaps you’re looking for accounting support, or you need some marketing expertise to build your brand. Whatever your circumstances, Business Support Club can match you with an expert you can trust.
  • Who is Business Support Club for?
    Here at BSC, we aim to meet the needs of two types of customers - new businesses looking to grow, and suppliers who cater their services to help new businesses. If you’re a new startup in need of a helping hand to get your business off the ground, we can match you with a cost-effective, reliable supplier that can help you meet your goals. If you’re a specialist who offers business support services, from marketing or blog writing, to finance or business insurance, you can advertise your services on our platform to attract new customers.
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