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Find Public Liability Insurance for Your Small Business

As a new business owner, you’ll want to protect your pride and joy from any potential risks that could threaten its longevity. While it’s easy to leave small business liability insurance to the last minute, the sooner you take out a policy, the longer you’ll be protected should disaster strike.

Small business public liability insurance provides financial protection should you face legal action as a result of an individual claiming they have been injured or their property is damaged, as a result of your business. 

Here at BSC, our supplier discovery platform can connect you with vetted and reliable insurance providers you can rely on should the worst happen and you need some support.

How do you get public liability insurance through BSC?

Here are just some of the reasons why branding for startups should be a priority.

What is public liability insurance? 

Public liability insurance for business is a type of insurance that protects your business financially should an individual claim they were injured or their property was damaged because of your business.


Should their claim result in legal proceedings, your policy will protect you against the cost of these expenses, such as needing to pay compensation or legal fees - which can be costly. Unlike employer’s liability insurance, you aren’t legally required to take out public liability insurance - but many consider it a priority. You may even find other businesses or clients will ask that you have it before working with you. 

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Protect yourself and your customers

Choosing an insurance provider through BSC means you’ll have a helping hand available should someone suffer an injury or property damage because of your small business. Without public liability insurance, you may face financial difficulty should an individual take legal action. 

Public liability insurance can cover the following…

  • Who is Business Support Club?
    Business Support Club is a business marketplace, connecting new business owners with other businesses that can guide them with their services and expertise. Our platform connects businesses with suppliers, to build strong relationships. From messaging and referrals to order management and a thorough supplier directory, we’ve got everything you need to make the right choice for your business.
  • How do you use the marketplace?
    Using our business marketplace makes finding the right service a breeze. Simply search for the service you need, or browse through our categories to find the service that meets your needs. Our marketplace is home to a variety of professional services from marketing and finance, to insurance, all with one common goal - to help your business reach its full potential.
  • Why join Business Support Club?
    Whether you’re a business owner or specialise in offering business services, Business Support Club is your go-to solution to build connections. As a supplier, you can find new customers that are seeking your professional services. What’s more, you’re only charged commission when you sell, so if you don’t make a sale, you won’t pay a penny. As a new business, you can find the right services for your needs that can transform your business and grow it to new heights. Perhaps you’re looking for accounting support, or you need some marketing expertise to build your brand. Whatever your circumstances, Business Support Club can match you with an expert you can trust.
  • Who is Business Support Club for?
    Here at BSC, we aim to meet the needs of two types of customers - new businesses looking to grow, and suppliers who cater their services to help new businesses. If you’re a new startup in need of a helping hand to get your business off the ground, we can match you with a cost-effective, reliable supplier that can help you meet your goals. If you’re a specialist who offers business support services, from marketing or blog writing, to finance or business insurance, you can advertise your services on our platform to attract new customers.
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